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Friday, December 14, 2012

Physically Disabled... Lynx Lake Trail # 311

A resting place along the trail with a spectacular view.

To get to this very scenic trail, take Walker Rd (by Costco) to Lynx Lake. A fee is required. 
The west bank of the lake has the paved trail portion. There is very little elevation gain making it perfect for strollers and wheel chairs. It is paved for about one mile. Well constructed bridges lead across several drainage's. 

Bridges offer safe crossings.

Lynx Lake is a popular destination for Valley of the Sun travelers during the summer, offering cooler temperatures. Fishing and boating are popular on Lynx Lake. 

Wildlife are accustomed to people, so one can get close for photography and viewing. Ducks and geese as well as bald eagles can be seen. Deer and Abert's squirrels live around Lynx Lake.

 I've heard the Lynx Lake restaurant offers good food with a beautiful view of the lake. 

Parking, picnic area and boat ramp.

The trail continues around the east bank of the lake. It is dirt only and not passable with wheel chairs or strollers. 

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